Setting up your profile page

Your profile page is where you can build your public profile that people will see when they search for you. You can check items off of your Model Checklist, change your bio, view the pictures and videos you've uploaded, edit your profile picture, add links, modify the services you intend to offer, and create text posts for your followers. 

Model Checklist

To make sure you've taken care of all the necessary things when setting up your account, a model checklist will show up on your profile page. Clicking the purple (incomplete) links will take you to the page you need to take care of before it's checked off. 

Your Bio

This is all of the essential information people will want to see when they look you up. You can add everything from your body type to your height to your zodiac sign in this section - don't be afraid to let your fans know a little bit about you; it's how you get lifelong fans and repeat customers. 

Your Feed

This is where your updates to your fans will go. You can add text posts just above that will appear in your feed - your fans will be able to see this. 

Your pics

Any pictures you upload for your fans will show up here. 

Your Videos

All of your videos can be seen in a list here. You can click the blue 'Add Video' button to add videos right from here. 

Adding Links

You can add links in the section below your profile picture and stats - anything from your Snapchat to your Instagram to your Amazon Wishlist. Whatever you can think of!

Modify Services

If you click 'Modify Services' you can get into the real nitty-gritty of your services and monetization options. You can modify your custom content requests, your Fan Club options, add your Twitter integration, modify your discounts, and pick up your referral code link on this page.