Metadata and you: making your content stand out

Metadata is an important part of making sure your videos stand out and are found by the audience you want. You can change the metadata on your videos by going to your content page, then clicking on the thumbnail of the video you want to edit the metadata for.

A box will pop up with multiple tabs - you want to focus on the first one. This is where all the information goes that will help people find your video when they're searching. Always choose relevant tags and categories: 5-6 is the most you want to use (in this case, more isn't always better, and adding an endless amount of non-relevant tags only hurts search results and can result in video removal by us).

Always make sure you choose a title that's relevant to the scene specifically, without using any spammy text or links, or repetitive text ("click here to watch!"). Having your titles translated into other languages is also beneficial to you, as people searching from other countries are more likely to come across your content. 

You can also add in the names of co-performers that you've verified as co-performers personally. This will ensure that your video is found when searching for their names, too. 

As always, don't forget to save your changes when you're finished.