When will I get paid?

Fees will accrue semi-monthly. Pay periods will run from the 1st to the 15th and from the 16th to the end of each month. We will pay all money due to you by the end of the pay period after accrual, on the condition that the amount owed is more than your minimum payout amount (by default, minimum payout is set to $100, but can be set as low as $50).

On termination of this agreement, we will pay all amounts that have accrued but not been paid by the end of the calendar month after the last day on which the Licensed Content appeared on any of the Websites. If this agreement is terminated and you have accrued less than $10, you will forfeit the accrued amount. We will make all payments in U.S. dollars. You may request payment by any of the following methods, at the costs indicated below.

(i) Paxum: Free for payments over $100. Requested Paxum
payments for under $100 will be assessed a $2 handling fee.

(ii) Standard Check: Free for payments over $100. Requested check
payments for under $100 will be assessed a $2 handling fee.

(iii) Wire Transfer: Wire Transfers of any amount, to any location, will
be assessed at $40 handling fee.]