What is PaidPerView and how does it work?

PaidPerView was the first online platform to allow content producers and owners to monetize content by sharing a portion of advertising revenue. We allow you to upload your videos to one system for display on multiple high-traffic, legal tube sites and share a significant portion of the advertising revenue generated by people viewing your content.  

PaidPerView will also drive traffic to your websites via well placed banners and descriptions and provide a great opportunity for branding. 

Studios, producers and content owners have multiple options to generate revenue:

  • Streaming Revshare - content is free to stream and you receive a share of ad revenue. A download price can be set 
  • Premium Video - A small preview will be available for free, but customers will have to pay to stream/download your video
  • Premium Viewshare - Premium customers can stream/download this video with their membership and you'll receive a share of premium revenue based on premium views
  • Paysite Traffic - there are multiple opportunities to link to your paysites with banners and text descriptions