Regulations for selling videos

The most important rules and regulations for selling adult videos are many, but here are some of the specifics to give you an idea. 

  • The content must be legally owned by you (with tube rights). You can't be an affiliate of the model
  • You cannot violate any obscenity laws in the US or Canada
  • Your videos must be longer than 6 minutes in length and not in chapter form. Abridged content is fine; chapters are not
  • You cannot have pre-roll or post-roll longer than 5-10 seconds
    • Your videos can and will be deleted by our moderators if this happens
    • You can be banned for violating this rule if you've already been spoken to about it before
  • You can't have ads in the middle of your videos
  • You cannot upload a slideshow, or just a still image

If you're unsure if any of your content violates any of our rules or regulations, don't hesitate to drop us a line and ask.