What NOT to do

  • Incorrect titling, tagging, or categorizing of videos can lead to a loss of earnings— and in some cases, reprimands or banning
  • Don't post multiple cuts of the same video, or scene: uploading the same content over and over can lead to being banned from the program 
  • Don't fake your votes or boost your traffic through traffic sales to try to make more money, as you can be banned for it
  • Quality over quantity! Take the time to make great content; don't just churn out a thousand mediocre videos. Your fans will thank you for taking the time to make your content feel truly special 
  • Don't upload contents that you don't hold the rights to. The content will be removed, your earnings may be withheld, and you could end up with a ban
  • Don't harass other models or site users! In the same vein, if someone is harassing you, please let us know immediately 
  • Posting your cam links is fine, but don't get spammy with it 
  • Don't spam users with video links or copy-pasted messages in the comment section or via direct messaging - it can trigger our spam filters