How do I reset my password?

There are two ways to change your password: 

  1. Have a password reset email sent to you if you can't remember your password
  2. Login and change it on the site directly, if you can remember your password but just want to change it

Have a password reset email sent to you

On the login page, click the 'forgot password' link and enter your email address, then click 'Email Me'.



You will be sent an email from PaidPerView that contains a link for you to click. Click the link to go back to PaidPerView and confirm your password reset. 


Once your password reset has been confirmed, you will be emailed a new password. We recommend changing it again once you login. 


Change your password yourself

Changing your password on your own is good to do every couple of months, to make sure your account stays secure. We recommend that you pick a password you haven't used before. 

On the left sidebar, click 'settings', and then click 'view' on the Login Details section near the top of the page. 


Click 'edit' and follow the instructions listed in the field. You'll need to be able to remember your old password if you want to change your password this way. 


You don't need to type anything in the 'new email' field unless you need to change your email address as well. Click 'Save' when you're done. That's it!