How to upload videos

Uploading videos is easy. Get started by going to the left sidebar and clicking the 'Upload' button.

When it takes you to the upload page, you can either drag video files into the box or click 'Browse for content' to look on your computer for videos.

If you choose to browse for your file, locate the video you want and click 'Open'. You can select more than one video at a time, if you want.


While your video is uploading, you can take care of the nitty-gritty by adding video information, tags, co-performers, and other information that's unique to your scene.

First, you can choose whether the video you're uploading is a sample video, or a full length video. Depending on which one you choose, you will have the option to upload a full length video (if it's a sample) or upload a sample (if it's a full length video).

Next, you're going to select the monetization for the video. You can choose to either make it free (which will still earn you revshare), make it exclusive to your Fan Club, or simply sell it for a fee. If you choose to sell it for a fee, you can set the price yourself.

Next, you'll need to write in a title for your scene— be creative, but be direct. You can add translations if you want. You should also type in a description for your scene: this can be longer than the title (between 50-300 characters), and should be descriptive of what happens in the scene. Don't use this spot for keywords and tags - there is a spot later on for that!

After that, you'll specify the sexual orientation of the overall scene, the production level, and the language spoken in the video. You can also specify whether or not it is a Virtual Reality (VR) video - if it is, you will see a set of options specific only to uploading VR content.

Then you'll choose your categories and tags, and add in co-performers (if there are any). You can also upload a custom thumbnail for your video, so you don't have to rely on the randomly-generated ones otherwise. Uploading a custom thumbnail is entirely optional.

 Once you're done and the file has been uploaded, click 'Submit' to finish your upload. Congratulations! You've just uploaded your first video.