How do I add an additional performer?

You can add a co-performer who appears alongside you in some (or all) of your scenes. The process is a simplified version of your Model Partnership Agreement. 

On the left sidebar, click 'Co-Performers' and then the 'Add Co-Performer' button on the page it takes you to.

You'll be taken to a page where you fill in all of your co-performer's information, including their real name and date of birth.

At the bottom of the page is an agreement that they must agree to and digitally sign before proceeding.

Once you click 'Submit', you'll be taken back to the main Co-Performer page. You will need to verify their identity by clicking 'Verify Identity' before you're able to credit them in your videos. Your co-performer will need to have a form of official government-issued identification and a camera ready, much like when you were verified for the program.

Once your co-performer's identity has been verified, you're all done!