How are earnings calculated

There are several ways of earning money with Paid Per View. See below for how we calculate and split it up and see how much money you will make and how.

Streaming Adshare

When ads are sold on the video page that your videos are on, the rate varies by many factors including country, time of day, device, even browser. 

For streaming we break down your share of the ad revenue based on video quality (resolution)

  • 40% for Ultra HD Content (4K+)
  • 35% for HD Content (720p)
  • 30% for anything under HD (720p)

For example, if you had a HD video generate $1000 in ad revenue over a period, you would earn $350 on your account. ($1000 x 35%)

Video Sales

When a customer buys access to one of your videos that are set price, your share is what is leftover after processing fees, our share and any discounts you had set.

Processing Fee = 10%
Studio Share = 75% (after fees)

You keep 67.5% of the revenue paid by the customer.

For example, if one of your videos is $10 and a customer pays for it, you would get to keep $6.75 of the fee. ($10 - 10%) x 75% 

There are no surprises or hidden fees. Just a flat rate.