Walkthrough of settings

If there are any account details you'd like to change after you're registered and approved, you can do so by clicking the 'settings' button on the sidebar menu. You can click the 'edit' button after expanding each section to edit the details of that particular section. 



Login Details

You can change the email address and password associated with your account. 

Company/Individual Information

This is where you'd modify your name, company information, and contact information. 

Payment Information

You can set the minimum payout amount there (we won't send you a payout until that threshold is hit), and you can change your payment method as well. Currently we have Wire, Paxum, and Cheque as our payout options on PaidPerView.

Content Assignment

When we find videos uploaded to our websites by the general public, and we suspect they belong to you, there are a few different things you can do with this content. You can choose what actions you'd like us to take on your behalf in those cases. You can also manage your watermark from this section by clicking the purple 'manage watermark' link to expand the section. 

Content Restrictions

You can prevent your future content showing up on our partner websites by opting out of content exports. Please not that you'll earn less if you opt out. You can also disable downloading of your videos here, and set up region blocking - either by country or US state. 

Email Communications

Tell us in this section how often you'd like to hear from us - from daily to never, the choice is yours.