How do I setup a channel?

Channels are a useful way to organize your videos; it allows you to group them so people can easily find more of your content. You can even assign videos to your channels from the Content page. Setting up a channel is easy to get the hang of: just follow the simple steps below and you'll be on your way!


  • In the left sidebar, click the Channels tab, and then 'New Channel' - you can also go to the main Channels tab and click the purple 'New Channel' button
  • Add your channel information
    • Your channel name, slug, description, parent channel, channel owner, and any additional comments about your channel go here 


  • If you plan to have premium videos in your channel, you can fill out that information in the next section


  • Add your logos and wallpaper - this will help your channel stand out and be noticed!
  • Optionally: add an outbound link and banners



  • Add your banners
    • Your below video banner is typically shown below your player on the desktop site
    • Your square banner is shown on your channel page with the video listing on the desktop site
    • Your mobile banner is used below your video and on your channel page on the mobile site
    • Your channel page banner is used on your channel page, as well as on older websites alongside your link description



  • Click 'Save Channel' to create your channel

Once you've created a channel, you can upload videos specifically to this channel.