How do I upload videos?

Uploading a video is easy! After you login to PaidPerView, look at the sidebar, click 'upload'.

You can browse for and select a video from your computer, and then an upload screen will show. 

Sample or full length?

You can choose here whether the video you're uploading is a sample video, or a full-length video. If you choose 'sample video', you'll have the option to also upload a full-length version.

If it's a full-length video the option will appear for you to upload a sample as well. You can skip either of those steps and just upload your sample or your full length video.

Add your title and description

Keep it concise - try to avoid run on sentences and over-describing. If you can put the title in any additional languages, that's great!

Choose your orientation, production level, language, and whether or not it's VR

Gay? Straight? Trans? Whichever is applicable for that particular scene, choose it! Please keep in mind the difference between 'amateur' and 'professional' when selecting your production level - anything from a webcam and without much in the way of production values should always be marked as amateur. 

There's also an option to include whether or not this is a VR video - clicking this opens a small menu of options for you that are related solely to VR. Double check to make sure you're selecting the right options.


Choose your tags and categories

Adding tags and categories to uploads are what help people find exactly what they're looking for. 

Add a pornstar

If it's a professional-level production, you can start typing a pornstar's name and add them to the video: the list will auto-fill with names as you type, and you can select the correct star from the list. You can choose up to five. 


Custom thumbnail

You can add a custom thumbnail for each video, so you don't have to rely on the randomly generated ones. Cool!


If all of the information you put in above looks correct, click 'submit' so your upload can join the approvals queue.