Video Tags - how to use them

Tags are words you can use to further describe actions, things, places, objects and attributes in the scene. For example:

  • Actions - licking, rimjob, cowgirl

  • Places - library, office, bedroom

  • Objects - vibrator, bathtub, couch

  • Attributes - shaved, long legs, petite

By adding accurate tags it will be more likely that users looking for that type of video will find yours.

There is a limit of 12 tags per video. 

Do not:

  • Choose tags that are the same as the categories you already selected

  • Choose tags that are not applicable to your scene for the purposes of trying to get more views 
  • Put pornstar names

Remember if your video is tagged accurately users will be happy to watch your video because they found something they were looking for. If you put inaccurate titles, descriptions, categories or tags on your videos, users will be disappointed and your video will be downvoted, which means it will get fewer views and make you less money.