All About Video Titles

The video title should be written as a short description, like a headline. Titles allow your videos to appear in the correct search results and they are one of the best ways to get a user’s attention. Users are looking at the thumbnail and the title when they decide to click on a video.

Each title must be between 40 and 90 characters long and must make sense. Only add keywords that best describe your video. Users don’t click on “spammy titles”.

If there is a Pornstar appearing in the video, include the name in the title. The names of Pornstars are searched a lot and this will help your video appear in the search results.

Use your creative side, make it funny, sexy, even evoke curiosity to get the click.

  • Make the title reflect what will be seen in the video, or how the user will feel watching it.

    • Good: Sexy Teen Ava Seduces Big Dick Carpenter for Hard Wood

    • Bad: Milf Fuck Hardcore Pornstar Big Tits Pussy

    • Good:  MilfVR Hottie Kali Helps you Relax with a BJ

    • Bad: teen giRl eat the meet
  • Titles should be between 40 and 90 characters long, including spaces.

Remember if your video is titled and tagged accurately users will be happy to watch your video because they found something they were looking for. If you put inaccurate titles, categories or tags on your videos, users will be disappointed and your video will be downvoted, it will get fewer views and make less money.