How long should videos be?

Video length is an important factor in determining the ranking and exposure of your videos but it is not the only factor. Do not sacrifice quality just to make a longer video.

Users are far more likely to click on longer videos. 5 minutes is good, ~10 minutes is the sweet spot. Longer videos are treated more favourably on internal search rankings as well. Please keep your maximum video length to under 50 minutes, or contact us if you'd like us to make an exception for longer videos from you. 

Happy users will click on your profile to see what other videos you have, increasing your ad revenue share and increasing opportunities for you to sell premium content or drive traffic to your paysite.

Please note that your pre-roll and post-roll should be limited to ten seconds. If you try to add extra 'padding' to your scenes by drawing out a freeze-frame at the end, or inserting blank video, or making post-roll that goes past 10 seconds, your video will be removed.