How does content assignment work?

Our automated watermark detection system checks all user uploaded videos to determine if they contain a watermark, then records the results of the search. If the system determines that a video has been uploaded, which contains a watermark associated with your brand, it will automatically assign that content to your Paid Per View account.

By visiting the Settings > Content Assignment area of your PPV account, you can control how the system deals with content that is assigned to you.

Options include:

  • Move this to my PaidPerView account for me, and pay me for it. (default)
  • Move this to my PaidPerView account for me, if it's below a certain length, otherwise delete it.
  • Truncate (shorten) anything over a certain length and pay me for it
  • Remove all user uploaded videos from the website regardless.
  • The option you select will apply to all videos in your account retroactively.
    • Caution: Changing these settings will affect all of the assigned videos in your account.
    • Note: If you decide to truncate (shorten) your assigned videos - you cannot later make them longer ;-)


Our system looks for watermarks on videos. It uses the watermarks to determine which videos may belong to your account. You can help us by adding your watermarks to the admin. See below:

  1. Go to your Settings at
  2. Click on "Content Assignment"
  3. Under the content assignment area you will find the "Manage Watermarks" link - click it.
  4. Enter your text watermarks as they show in your videos