Video Categories

Choose categories for your videos that are relevant to the video. Select 4 that you think most represent the main things happening in your video clip. While you should target your niche don’t always use the same categories or your videos will only be showing on those pages.

Consider that some categories have more competition than others. Categories like “Hardcode” and “Teen” and “MILF” are very popular and those pages update with new videos every minute of the day so your video may get pushed down quickly. If they are relevant to your content, try categories like “POV”, “Euro”, “Hairy” and your clips will show up higher on the page and search results and stay there for a longer time.

If your video is in 60FPS or of HD quality you don’t need to add it to these categories, our system will detect this and automatically the categories.

Remember if your video is titled and tagged accurately users will be happy to watch your video because they found something they were looking for. If you put inaccurate titles, categories or tags on your videos, users will be disappointed and your video will be downvoted, it will get fewer views and make you less money.

If you need more than 4 categories for your videos, contact support.