What sort of content is not allowed on the site?

Most of the things listed below are illegal, and none of them allowed in any scenes. Any content that violates any of the items below will be removed, and you may experience ramifications such as reduced revshare or banning of your account if the behavior continues. 


Content featuring minors, or advertising minors at all (even if the performers aren't minors).

Alcohol and Drugs

The use of alcohol and drugs in a scene is not allowed. Even if no one is actively using drugs or drinking the alcohol in a scene, it still isn't allowed. Videos where a participant appears drunk/high/unaware of their surroundings are also not allowed. 


Do not ever include animals in scenes, in any capacity. 


This includes cutting, biting to draw blood, and bone breaking. 

Bodily Fluids

This includes blood, feces, and urine. 


Step parent/sibling is 'acceptable', as long as it's very obviously scripted/staged, but we deny actual incest, real or implied. 


Videos where someone appears to be unconscious while another person performs sex acts on them are not allowed. 

Hate Speech

Hate speech and racial slurs are not allowed. This also applies to racist body art (i.e.: swastika tattoos).


We understand that bondage is a pretty common kink, but when it gets to the point where someone is crying, bleeding, or in obvious and real physical pain, that's where we draw the line. 


Real or implied, it's not allowed. Anything that uses the word 'forced' in a description is also not allowed, as it implies the subject is being forced to act against their will.